Booking Terms and Conditions 

Thank you for visiting our site. Please take this opportunity to review the following terms and conditions prior to booking travel with us: 

The customer acknowledges and accepts the following terms and conditions as it relates to Fans of Cincy LLC providing goods and services in furtherance of a detailed tour and/or travel arrangement(s) of the customer:  

For purposes of these terms and conditions, the term “customer” refers to the individual, all individuals in their party, and entity who purchases and is provided goods and services from Fans of Cincy LLC directly.  

Fans of Cincy LLC offers retail travel services to customers, which are provided by separate and independent vendors of travel service. Fans of Cincy LLC does not operate, control, or otherwise provide the services of the independent travel vendors. Hence, the customer agrees and understands that Fans of Cincy LLC takes no responsibility (is not responsible) for any acts or omissions of any supplier of goods and services such as hotels, motor coach, busing, event tickets or entities providing service to the customer as well as the suppliers failure to provide services or adhere to their own schedule(s). Furthermore, Fans of Cincy LLC is not responsible for any operating failures, loss, damage, delay or injury to the customer, nor for consequential damages, which may result from injuries, failure, or delays which arise out of or during your scheduled travel. Fans of Cincy LLC assumes no responsibility for and shall not be liable for any accident, delay, inconvenience, or irregularity which may be caused by any defaults, wrongful or negligent acts or omissions of the supplier(s), any defect in or failure of any vehicle or equipment owned, operated or otherwise used for or provided by the supplier(s) OR any wrongful or negligent acts or omissions on the part of any other party not under Fans of Cincy LLC’s control. The customer also agrees and understands that Fans of Cincy LLC is not responsible for any damages, direct or consequential, which may arise out of or as a result of Acts of God, social or labor unrest, war, political or national strike, terrorist activities, mechanical failures, climatic conditions, or any other acts or omissions outside of and beyond the control of Fans of Cincy LLC. The customer hereby waives any and all claim(s) for personal injury, including but not limited to property damage, death, dismemberment or any other loss or claim, arising from any act or omission of any entity, its agents, employees, not solely, exclusively and directly under the control of Fans of Cincy LLC. Fans of Cincy LLC makes no warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose in regards to any goods and/or services provided to the customer in accordance with these terms and conditions. Goods and services that are listed by Fans of Cincy LLC for purchase are being sold as is. Additionally, Fans of Cincy LLC makes no express warranties or implied warranties as to the occurrence or ending of any and all services provided under these terms.  

The customer acknowledges that, at times, accommodations, tour itineraries, travel arrangements and/or other group and tour events may need to be altered or cancelled due to sudden unavailability of accommodations, pandemic, acts of God, weather related issues, any municipal, state, or federal law, ordinance or mandate, any governmental regulation, ruling, order or mandate, delays, operating failures and/or other unfortunate causes beyond the reasonable and expected control of Fans of Cincy LLC. 

The customer acknowledges that it is the sole responsibility of the customer(s) to independently confirm ALL documentation requirements and travel requirements for the passenger(s) destination(s). As such, the customer(s) hereby releases Fans of Cincy LLC from responsibility and/or any claims associated with alleged damages incurred as a result of the customer(s) failure to comply with required and necessary travel documents.  

The customer acknowledges that if the customer deviates, in any way, from scheduled tour itinerary, times or locations, Fans of Cincy LLC is not responsible for providing contracted transportation to or from scheduled events, including the airport. Fans of Cincy LLC shall not be responsible for accommodations and transportation prior to and beyond the original scheduled date of the event in the event of a cancellation or postponement. Moreover, no refunds will be given for any unused components of the listed travel itinerary. 

Each airline has its own policy regarding luggage. It is highly recommended that you check with the airline ahead of time for any weight restrictions and additional charges relating to checked baggage. The customer is responsible for paying to the airline any and all additional charges for checked or overweight baggage. In the event of damage, late forwarding, theft or loss of luggage, it is the customers responsibility to contact the airline and declare the loss or damage of your personal items/baggage before exiting the airport. 

The customer acknowledges and agrees that Fans of Cincy LLC is not liable for any damages arising from or related to any airline cancellations, time changes, delays, mechanical problems, missed connections, lost/damaged/delayed luggage, screening or security delays, refused boarding, in addition to the limitation of liability as set forth above. 

Customers with special needs or a disability- Fans of Cincy goal is to provide fun, action-packed trips to all customers. At the time of booking, we ask all customers to state whether they have special needs or a disability in order for us to convey that information to the suppliers on behalf of the customer(s) in order to investigate amenities and/or special accommodations offered. If you would like to contact the suppliers directly and inform them of any conditions, ailments or disability, please let us know and we will provide you with the pertinent contact information. The customer is required to provide his or her own personal or individually prescribed devices. The customer acknowledges and agrees that Fans of Cincy LLC shall be held harmless for any and all claims relating to supplier rejection relating to physical or mental condition.  

Each road trip will have a tour host or hostess, at the minimum, to provide assistance for customers. Unless otherwise stated, they will issue event tickets on the day of the event. If tickets are required prior to the day of the event, the customer shall inform Fans of Cincy LLC in writing, via email to at least 14 days prior to event. The customer acknowledges that a surcharge shall apply for this service. Fans of Cincy LLC is not responsible for the loss, theft, misplacement or destruction of any tickets, whether mailed, delivered or left at the hotel front desk or the will call window. Should an event be postponed, cancelled, or relocated and the customer who purchased the ticket cannot attend or is unwilling to attend, the costumer is responsible for the use of, or the transfer of the ticket(s) to another party. Fans of Cincy LLC reserves the right to upgrade any customer’s tickets to a better location at no additional cost to the customer, where possible.  

The customer acknowledges that a major credit card will be needed at time of hotel check in for incidentals. Those incidentals may include, but are not limited to additional food and beverage charges, additional telephone charges, internet, parking, gym, wifi and/or pay per view television. In the unlikely event that the hotel is unable to accommodate the customer’s room reservation, for whatever reason, Fans of Cincy LLC reserves the right to substitute a similar or superior quality hotel than originally advertised and/or confirmed. There would be no additional charge to the customer for such substitution.  

The customer acknowledges the risk of, and agree that Fans of Cincy LLC is not and shall not be responsible for refunding, either partially or fully, any and/or all amounts paid due to services that are deemed “unsatisfactory” from any supplier. Furthermore, Fans of Cincy LLC makes no guarantee or warranty, whether stated or implied, as to the fitness or condition of the supplier(s) accommodations, transportation or provisions stated or supplied.  

Fans of Cincy, LLC shall not be liable for any injuries or any damage to any client or customer, or be subject to any claim, demand, damages or injury, whatsoever, including without limitation those damages resulting from acts of passive or active negligence on the part of Fans of Cincy LLC, Dusko Jankovic, its employees, officers, agents, promotional partners, and vendors we are in contract with. This applies to the customer them self and all customers in their party. Whether the customer is booking individually or one customer is booking for each customer in their party.  The customer acknowledges that he or she has carefully read this paragraph and that this is a waiver and release of liability.   

The terms and conditions, as stated by Fans of Cincy LLC herein, may be modified or amended at any time without notice. As such, it is highly recommended that the customer reviews the terms and conditions at the time of booking. At the time of booking, only those customers who have accepted the terms and conditions and have stated or displayed their consent to be bound by such terms and conditions may be permitted to book. In the event a provision on the terms and conditions is deemed unlawful or non-enforceable, the customer agrees that that specific provision shall be deemed severable from the agreement and the remaining provisions shall remain enforceable and valid as between the customer and Fans of Cincy LLC. 

The customer agrees to arbitrate any and all disputes with or concerning Fans of Cincy LLC under the laws of Pennsylvania. All claims or disputes between the parties in any way shall be decided in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Each party waives any and all jurisdictional and venue defenses which otherwise may be applicable. 

For the most coverage of your trip, we recommend reviewing and purchasing a travel insurance plan provided by our licensed insurance provider. There are optional upgrades to the plans for “Cancel For Any Reason”. Which would look to refund 50% of your entire trip if you decide to cancel your trip up to 48 hours before for any reason. More info on “Cancel For Any Reason” can be found at the following link.